Fredericksburg, VA

How is it different?

Via Colori® is the modern day expression of a centuries-old art form. This very special annual event gathers more than 100 artists in each of more than a half-dozen cities. Each artist's large scale masterpiece is sponsored by a business or individual, and is created directly on the pavement of their closed-off city streets. Each festival is a signature fundraiser, conducted annually.

Via Colori is different from other festivals. It is a celebration of creativity and is founded on a spirit of cooperation and non-competitiveness. There are no winners or losers...just the collected creative expression of artists working together to support a cause.

Via Colori raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for causes such as children's health, affordable housing, food for the hungry, education, foster care and many others.

Via Colori® is licensable special event custom tailored for your agency and your city.