Fredericksburg, VA

Via Colori® requires two types of volunteers: the Via Colori Committee members, and days-of-event volunteers.

The committee consists of at least six people who can commit significant efforts to planning, organizing and conducting the event. They include

  • The General Chair - responsible for overseeing the committee
  • The Sales Chair - responsible for selling sponsorships
  • The Artists Chair - responsible for recruiting the artists
  • The Operations Chair - responsible for logistics and days-of-event activities.
  • The PR/Adv Chair - responsible for promoting the event
  • The Volunteer Chair - responsible for recruiting volunteers
  • Other committee chairs include merchandise (choosing merchandise to be sold the days-of-event), and entertainment (recruiting performers to provide days-of-event entertainment)

The Via Colori training teaches each of these committee heads exactly what their tasks are, and provides a custom schedule for their completion.

The Via Colori licensing package and the training program provide proven methods and collateral materials for attracting volunteers.