Fredericksburg, VA

Via Colori® raises funds by selling sponsorships for the events.

Each city's sponsorship package is custom tailored for each market, but broadly includes three levels:

The presenting sponsor
Called Via Maestro, the presenting sponsor's name is closely tied to the event. For example, in Houston, AIG is the Via Maestro and is recognized like this: "AIG presents Via Colori® for the benefit of The Center for Hearing and Speech." These are often corporations with significant regional presence.

The major sponsors
There are a variety of major sponsorships including Via Arreas, Via Luminaria, Via Bambini, Via Musica, Via Patrone and others. These are often businesses and other entities which are locally important.

The square sponsors
Each of the three-sized squares (10x10, 6x6 and 4x4) is sponsored by a business, professional partnership or individual which is recognized by a name placard at the top of each drawing.

The Via Colori licensing package and the training program provides proven methods and collateral materials for attracting sponsors.