Fredericksburg, VA

Any adult can sign up to be a Via Colori® artist. There is no jurying of artists, and no competition to volunteer to be one.

Each Via Colori®, each year boasts a featured artist. This person is selected rather arbitrarily and is a leader and respected artist in that city. The featured artist creates a piece of work for that year's festival and it becomes the graphic focal point of that year's event, featured on posters, t-shirts and other merchandise, and recreated by the featured artist on the day of the event at the heart of the festival.

Typically, about 20% of Via Colori's artists are full-time professional artists. About 40% are categorized as talented hobbyists, people who show and may sell their works, but still have a day job. The remaining 40% are arts enthusiasts who draw for the love of it. Occasionally, families will sign up to paint a square together, or a high school class under the direct supervision of a teacher will take on a square.

No themes for the drawings are formally announced, and there are only two rules governing the content of Via Colori squares: the works must be appropriate for public, family viewing; and no commercial messaging is allowed.

The Via Colori licensing package and the training program provide proven methods and collateral materials for attracting volunteer artists.