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Season happiest and most disturbing thing is that they need to think about what to wear it! While it sports the wind is strong, popular shoes, but no boots autumn always feel incomplete, and that in the end need a few pairs of boots, you Stuart Weitzman Womens Shoes should wear what kind of boots, to spend this fall and winter it? If you have given a number of both fashion and not waste our answer is three pairs or five pairs: If you are practical to send, that three pairs of boots have been enough; if you are a fashion school, then at least there should be five pairs Boots!
Jinling Evening News reporter intern Suji Chang Min
Basic practical school must: Chelsea Boots
What is chelseaboots? This is Stuart Weitzman Womens Shoes called "Chelsea boots" shoes, the biggest feature is the side of the elastic design, very easy to wear off. Chelsea boots inventor, it is Queen Victoria's footwear division j.sparks-hall, formerly the Queen is also inconvenient to wear off boots plagued always looking for a good pair of boots to wear. Chelsea boots will be popular after the invention of London's young artists are even more vigorously pursued, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are loyal supporters of Chelsea boots. Famous "itgirl", alexachung would love Chelsea boots, take pictures in the street can often see her wearing Chelsea boots figure. Consider also: good to wear good walking off, but can take the jeans worn with a skirt, boots so who would not like it?
Basic practical school must: Martin boots Stuart Weitzman Womens Shoes
Europeans seek comfort, there are always new ideas. Martin boots story from Germany: A doctor and his friend accidentally falls in skiing, in order to facilitate rehabilitation, they designed a looks very solid and very practical boots, this is what we love Martin boots . Originally in the "health shoes" design, but unexpectedly become classic, especially in the 1980s and was rock and punk enthusiasts onto the peak.
We are talking about, "Martin boots" concept has broad, is not necessarily that a pair of the most classic Martin boots, as long as high-top lace heavy-bottomed boots, Martin boots can be counted. Many brands have also launched their own styles of boots Martin boots, and the benefits these boots is very wild, like, no matter how can wear clothing with attitude, snow and rain also can still wear out.
Basic practical school must: snow boots Stuart Weitzman Womens Shoes
Admit it! I guess you must have a pair of snow boots! Although a lot of men in the mouth, snow boots "ugly bear to look," but this time the girls do not care, because the warmth is the last word! No matter what what to wear socks with shoes, a pair of boots can be no warmer than the snow boots. Snow boots in the rise of the First World War, the Australian pilot is perhaps too cold feet, take two pieces of sheepskin shoe bag made in the feet, I did not expect it so popular. Like with the original hole shoes while he has been talking ugly, while it is unknown to popular all over the world! Visible, wild and real wear is popular key. In fact, it is not difficult snow boots to wear beautiful, lower body wearing tight jeans or tights can. Look gossipgirl Lane blair, to use a pair of snow boots still wear clothing fashion sense, both temperature and grace! Advanced fashionable school must: high boots
If the winter is now popular keywords, it is certainly "Yuechuan Yue short skirt, boots Yuechuan Yue high", as long as the knee high boots, fall and winter can create sexy styling. Miranda can see is the boots of YongCu children in her many shot in the street you can see the figure of boots! Has to thigh high boots, although exposed flesh but it can coat a buckle cover, presumably also not too cold. And if you are able to wear high heels man, a pair of high-heeled boots will immediately send you a pair of great legs!
Advanced fashionable school must: metal buckle boots Stuart Weitzman Womens Shoes
This pair of boots really can wear throughout the year! Do not say too hot in summer, look at the stars street shooting, the same number of people in the summer is to wear boots with shorts barelegged? One pair of boots with decorative metal buckle changes, you can easily wear clothing with a rock feel, can still wear to the office, but sometimes anxious: nice metal buckle boots too much, in the end which one pair to wear it? it's okay! Since this is difficult to choose, but also and wild, in fact, buy a few pairs not many, after all four seasons can wear wild single product is a rare, ah, beautiful things present, we of course want to purse a little hard!

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