Hand in hand through every its moments of beauty, the most beautiful journey is two people to enjoy love journey.Louis Vuitton (LVMH), Chinese valentine's day in 2014 as a special present holiday gift choice, in this special day, don't forget to "on".
"Fall in love with him/her, lock him/her"
Legend symbol if lovers will love to hang the chain at longbridge, locks and then throw the key into the water, from now on two people love will forever.
Louis vuitton Lockit ms jewelry series and Louis vuitton new Lockit bags become indispensable to the holiday gift.
His love is like the Burgundy wine, full-bodied taste.Precious Taurillon soft leather to witness his every success in the life journey.
Louis Vuitton's spring 2015 fashion show again!Louis vuitton handbags everywhere in spring, summer, this season shows is lively printing, abundant color.Louis vuitton will again meaningful combination of classical and elegant creative works are displayed on T stage, how can let a person do not look forward to.And the launch of 2015 early spring series of Twist Bag and mini Petite Malle is still the main, in addition, a new folding clamshell packages, believe that soon will be the next hot season for item!
In Louis Vuitton recently published, many ladies handbags into everyone's eyes, this is the new designer Nicolas Ghesquire in LV after a second series.By trunk narrow geometric transformation out of hand carry version of the mini bag is the design concept, take a look at below Louis Vuitton2015 early spring new handbag!!!!
Alma handbags Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) classic handbags, one of the series in Marc Jacobs and such as New York graffiti Stephen Sprouse, etc. Under the inspiration of artists, has experienced a new vitality.Posters editing take you look at the evolution of Alma bag today.
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