The Essential Street Painter
Fredericksburg, VA

Via Colori®, The Street Painting Festival, is an upscale signature special event which raises funds for not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States.

Via Colori brings together artists, volunteers and businesses with non-profit agencies in a unique community project to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for important social causes.

Via Colori is a sponsorship naming opportunity for businesses wishing to demonstrate their support for the charitable effort of your 501(c)(3) organization.

Via Colori is a way to set your not-for-profit agency apart from other regional fundraisers as an innovative charity that brings beauty to your streets and strengthens your community.

Via Colori is a complete package with collateral materials, recruitment strategies, project management tools, extensive training and consultation, and a proven record for assuring successful, profitable events.

Explore Via Colori here...and contact us to help determine if Via Colori is right for your not-for-profit agency, your business and your community.

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